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Siguenza y Góngora, Carlos

  • Durruty Jesús de Alba Martínez
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Alternate Name

 de Sigüenza y Góngora, Carlos

BornMexico City, New Spain, 15 August 1645

DiedMexico City, New Spain, 22 August 1700

The foremost intellectual figure of colonial Mexico, Carlos de Sigüenza y Góngora was honored with the title of Royal Cosmographer by Carlos II king of Spain in 1680. He wrote on astronomy, mathematics, history, geography, and other fields. His Libra Astronomica y Philosophica (1690) includes a rational discussion of comets, the purpose of which was to allay fears inspired by the great comet C/1680 V1 and a response to Exposicion astronomica del cometa del año 1681 (1681) by Eusebio Francisco Kino S.J. that is so-called the first scientific discussion in America; the Libra, no doubt, is the masterpiece of scientific work developed by Sigüenza, where are consigned careful observations of that comet made with his “four glasses telescope” doted with a quite fine micrometer; names like  Copernicus,  Brahe,  Descartes,  Galilei,  Gassendi,  Kepler, and  Kircher...

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