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Sharp, Abraham

  • Philip Edwards
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BornBradford, (West Yorkshire), England, 1 June 1653

DiedBradford, (West Yorkshire), England, 15 August 1742

Abraham Sharp was a highly skilled instrument maker contemporary with  Isaac Newton and  John Flamsteed, and several such eminent people seem to have relied on the instruments that he constructed for precise measurements of the positions of the stars. Sharp was born and died at Little Horton Hall in Bradford. (His birth year was given as 1651 by the Dictionary of National Biography, but W. Cudworth argued that 1653 is the correct date). Like so much of Bradford’s heritage, his birthplace has regrettably been demolished – the site is now occupied by a car park for Saint Luke’s Hospital and the Unity Building of the University of Bradford.

Sharp attended Bradford Grammar School and worked for a period in the textile trade in York and Manchester, before moving to Liverpool where he taught and studied mathematics. Here, he met the eminent astronomer, Flamsteed, who used his...

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