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Shane, Charles Donald

  • Virginia Trimble
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BornAuburn, California, USA, 6 September 1895

DiedSanta Cruz, California, USA, 19 March 1983

American observational astronomer C. Donald Shane is eponymized in the 120-in. (3-m) Shane telescope at Lick Observatory, whose design and construction he oversaw. He made his most lasting impact on astronomy through the Shane-Wirtanen counts of galaxies, completed in 1954, which helped to establish the existence of structure in the Universe on the scale of superclusters.

Shane received an AB from the University of California (UC) (now UC Berkeley) in 1915 and took up a Lick Fellowship on Mount Hamilton the next year to work toward a Ph.D. in astronomy. After brief service (1917–1918) in World War I, he returned to complete his dissertation under  William Campbell and  Joseph Moore on the spectra of carbon stars.

Shortly before completing his degree, Shane married fellow graduate student Mary Lea Heger, who received her Ph.D. in astronomy in 1925, working on absorption features in stellar...

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