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Shakerley, Jeremy

  • Craig B. Waff
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BornHalifax, (West Yorkshire), England, November 1626

Diedpossibly (India), circa1655

Jeremy Shakerley was an English astronomical writer who first championed  Jeremiah Horrocks’s views on the motions of the Moon and Venus and who observed the 1651 transit of Mercury. Shakerley spent his youth in Yorkshire and by January 1648 was living in Pendle Forest, Lancashire. Around this time, he became acquainted with the works of  Johannes Kepler and  Ismaël Boulliau. Shakerley subsequently expanded his knowledge of astronomy with the assistance of the astrologer William Lilly, with whom he began a 3-year correspondence in 1648, and of Christopher Towneley, in whose household at Carre Hall, Burnley, Lancashire, he began living in 1649. Towneley had acquired the manuscripts of the Liverpool astronomer Horrocks after the latter’s death in 1641, and Shakerley was the first person to appreciate the significance of Horrocks’s works, especially those on the theory of the Moon’s motion. Shakerley...

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