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Severin, Christian

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BornLomborg (Longberg), Jutland, Denmark, 4 October 1562

DiedCopenhagen, Denmark, 8 October 1647

Longomontanus, a professor of astronomy and observer, was one of  Tycho Brahe’s most important students and publicized the Tychonic system in the early seventeenth century. Christian Severin was born in a poor farmer’s family – that of Soeren Poulsen and Maren Christensdatter. After the early death of his father in 1570, he had to work on the farm. During the winter months, Severin received his first tuition from a pastor in Lomborg. Beginning in 1577, he attended the cathedral school of Viborg. At the age of 26, Severin matriculated from the University of Copenhagen, inscribing his name in the Latin form of Longomontanus. Within a year, he began working for Brahe and became his only long-term student, making astronomy his life’s work.

After Brahe had left his island of Hven, Longomontanus bade him farewell with a very well-meant letter of resignation dated 1...

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