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2014 Edition
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Schumacher, Heinrich Christian

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BornBramstedt, (Schleswig-Holstein, Germany), 3 September 1780

DiedAltona, (Hamburg, Germany), 28 December 1850

Heinrich Schumacher was a reformer of Danish science and the founding editor of the Astronomische Nachrichten, the most import astronomical journal of the nineteenth century. Schumacher, the son of the Danish senior civil servant and chamberlain Andreas Schumacher, was initially taught by the Reverend Johann Friedrich August Doerfer, who was noted for his topographical work in Schleswig and Holstein, as well as at the Altona Gymnasium, where the headmaster was Jakob Struve, the ancestor of the subsequently renowned family of astronomers. Schumacher studied jurisprudence at Kiel, was a private tutor in Livonia, and lectured in law at Dorpat (and simultaneously was active at the observatory there). In 1808/1809, Schumacher went to Göttingen on a royal Danish scholarship to pursue his studies in astronomy under  Carl Gauss. In 1810, he was extraordinary professor of astronomy...

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Translated by Storm Dunlop.

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