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Schröter, Johann Hieronymus

  • Clifford J. Cunningham
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BornErfurt, (Thüringen, Germany), 30 August 1745

DiedLilienthal, (Niedersachsen, Germany), 29 August 1816

Observational astronomer, telescope builder, and noted selenographer, Johann Schröter provided the first extensive description of lunar rilles and solar granulation (convection cells). He was also the first to establish the presence of an atmosphere around Venus.

Schröter’s father, Paul Christoph Schröter, was a lawyer who married Regina Sophia Streckroth in 1729. In 1764, Johann went to Göttingen to study law. But the observatory director, Abraham Gotthelf Kästner, awakened a love of astronomy in the young jurist. In 1777, Schröter was appointed secretary of the Royal Chamber (of King George III) in Hanover.

Being musically inclined, Schröter got to know the family of regimental bandmaster Isaak Herschel, who had nine children. The eldest of these,  William Herschel, was a self-taught astronomer. Returning from a visit to England, William’s brother Dietrich brought Schröter his...

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