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FlourishedUjjayinī, (Ujjain, Madhya Pradesh, India), 1099

Śatānanda was an acclaimed Indian astronomer of the Hindu classical period (late fifth to twelfth centuries). He was the son of San-kara and Sarasvatī. Śatānanda was the author of an extremely popular astronomical manual, the Bhāsvatī, composed in 1099. In its eight short chapters, this work sets out the methodologies for preparing the daily almanac. But the author presents several variations from other texts of the same genre. He names his work after the word for the Sun, bhāsvān. In tune with his own name Śatānanda, meaning “delighting in hundreds,” he uses the centesimal system for commencing the epochal position and specifies several multipliers and divisors in terms of hundreds. Again, unlike most manuals that are based on the more modern yet anonymous Sūryasiddhānta (tenth or eleventh century), he specifies that his work is drawn from the older Sūryasiddhānta, which had been condensed by astronomer  Varāhamihirain his...

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