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Santini, Giovanni-Sante-Gaspero

  • Luisa Pigatto
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BornCaprese Michelangelo, (Tuscany, Italy), 30 January 1787

DiedNoventa Padovana near Padua, Italy, 26 June 1877

Giovanni-Sante-Gaspero Santini was a professor, observatory director, and specialist in comet orbits. He was the third of 11 children of Gerolamo and Caterina Brizzi. His uncle, the priest Giovambattista Santini, taught him Latin, grammar, philosophy, and mathematics. In 1801, Santini entered the seminary of Prato to complete his education, and in 1802 enrolled in law at the University of Pisa. At the same time, he attended free courses in mathematics and physics. The university rector, Lorenzo Pignotti, and the politician Vittorino Fossombroni (both from Arezzo), to whom Santini’s uncle had recommended him, employed him at the observatory of the Museum in Florence. To learn astronomy, he was sent to the Observatory of Brera in Milan, directed by  Barnaba Oriani. There Santini learned how to observe and calculate orbits of minor planets from the astronomer  Francesco Carlini...

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