Encyclopedia of Color Science and Technology

2016 Edition
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Light Distribution

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A luminaire property that indicates the values of the luminous intensities radiated in all relevant directions by the luminaire. Usually the luminous intensities are given as intensities per 1,000 lamp lumen when the lamp or lamps are operated under standard test conditions: I/1,000 lm.

Luminaire Performance Characteristic

The light distribution of a luminaire represents the most important performance characteristic of a luminaire. It is the basis for the determination of photometric characteristics of luminaires such as upward and downward light output ratio, utilization factors for defined areas or zones, beam angles, and glare figures. Luminaire manufacturers produce for their luminaires photometric datasheets which show these photometric characteristics together with a graphical representation of the light distribution itself.


Strictly speaking, the light distribution can only be measured for a...

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