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Encyclopedia of Applied Electrochemistry

pp 723-725


Electrokinetic Remediation, Cost Estimation

  • Claudio CameselleAffiliated withDepartment of Chemical Engineering, University of Vigo Email author 

Electrokinetics has been developed as an environmental technique since the late 1980s. From the very beginning, this technology attracted the interest of scientists, technicians, and governmental agencies. Their interest resulted in a fast development of the technology, and multiple applications have been reported from numerous research groups in the USA, Europe, and Korea–Japan. Most of the studies focus on lab or pilot tests, and only a few of the published works include information about the application of electrokinetic remediation at field scale. Thus, cost information for electrokinetic remediation is rather limited [1].

Cost information from lab or pilot tests are not appropriate for the estimation of the possible cost at field scale, since there is close supervision in small systems that results in large costs that can be clearly reduced as the size of the system increases. On the other hand, demonstration projects at field scale also report higher costs than a standardized comm ...

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