Encyclopedic Dictionary of Polymers

2011 Edition
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  • Jan W. Gooch
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\re-zәn-әn(t)s, rәz-nәn(t)s\ n(15c) In chemistry, the periodic cycling of electrons from one atom of a molecule or ion to another atom of the same molecule or ion. Thus, given atoms remain in a fixed spatial arrangement with their electrons oscillating between atoms so as to satisfy two (or more) possible structural formulas. Resonance was first conceived to account for the outstanding stability of the benzene ring and it took almost a century for researchers to prove its reality (Smith MB, March J (2001) Advanced organic chemistry, 5th edn. Wiley, New York; Morrison RT, Boyd RN (1992) Organic chemistry, 6th edn. Prentice-Hall, Englewood Cliffs, NJ). A large-amplitude vibration of a mechanical or electrical system caused by a relatively small periodic stimulus applied at the natural frequency of the system. It is a phenomenon to be avoided in most structures. That is done by designing the natural frequency and the first few harmonics to be very different from the loading...

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