Encyclopedic Dictionary of Polymers

2011 Edition
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\ri-zil-yәn(t)s\ n (1824) (1) The degree to which a body can quickly resume its original shape after removal of a deforming stress. When the body is a standard test specimen, the resilience, expressed as the percentage recovery from a stated maximum strain, may be attributed to the material from which the specimen was made. ASTM Tests D 926 and D 945 (section 09.01) describes compression and shear tests for resilience of rubber and foam rubber. (2) The fractional return, to an impacting body, of the energy with which it strikes a resilient test specimen. ASTM D 1054 details a pendulum-rebound test, while D 2632 and D 3574 describe drop-weight-rebound tests, all employing this principle and all in section 09.01.

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