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Low-Pressure Laminate

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Various definitions place the upper limit of pressure for this term at from 6.9 MPa down to pressures obtained by mere contact of the piles. According to ASTM D 883, the upper limit is 1.4 MPa (200 psi). The Decorative Board Section of the National Electrical Manufacturers’ Association (NEMA) has recommended abandonment of the term “low-pressure laminate” in favor of decorative board in the case of “…a product resulting from the impregnation or coating of a decorative web of cloth, paper, or other carrying media with a thermosetting resin and consolidation of one or more of these webs with a cellulosic substrate under heat and pressure of less than 500 lb/in.2” This includes all boards that were formerly called low-pressure melamine and polyester laminates, but not vinyls. See also  Contact-Pressure Molding and  Laminate.

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