Encyclopedic Dictionary of Polymers

2011 Edition
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Linolenic Acid

  • Jan W. Gooch
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\li-nә-lē-nik-\ n [ISV, irreg. fr. linoleic] (1887) CH3CH2CH=CHCH2CH= CHCH2CH= CH(CH2)7CO–OH. cis,cis,cis-9,12,15-Octadecatrienoic acid. Tripoly-unsaturated fatty acid component of linseed and other drying oils, It has a bp of 230°C/17 mmHg, an acid value of 201.6, and iodine value of 273.7. (Paint: Pigment, drying oils, polymers, resins, naval stores, cellulosics esters, and ink vehicles, vol 3. American Society for Testing and Material, 2001) Open image in new window

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