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Light Scattering (Rayleigh, Mie, Frankhoffer)

  • Jan W. Gooch
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In a dilute polymer solution, light rays are scattered and diminished in intensity by a number of factors including fluctuations in molecular orientation of the polymer solute. Observations of the intensity of light scattered at various angles provide the basis for an important method of measuring weight-average molecular weights of high polymers. See also  Low-Angle Laser-Light Scattering. (Kokhanovsky AA (2004) Light scattering media optics. Springer, New York; Kamide K, Dobashi T (2000) Physical chemistry of polymer solutions. Elsevier, New York; Berne BJ (2000) Dynamic light scattering: Applications to chemistry, biology and physics. Dover, New York; Brown W (1996) Light scattering: Principles and development. Oxford University Press, UK; Modern techniques for polymer characterization. Pethrick RA (ed), Wiley, New York, 1999; Elias (1977) Macromolecules, vol 1–2. Plenum, New York; Miller ML (1966) The structure of polymers. Reinhold, New York)

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