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2011 Edition
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Layup Molding

  • Jan W. Gooch
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(hand-layup molding) A method of forming reinforced plastics articles comprising the steps of placing a web of the reinforcement, which may or may not be preimpregnated with a resin, in a mold or over a form and applying fluid resin to impregnate and/or coat the reinforcement, followed by curing of the resin and extraction of the cured article from the mold. When little or no pressure is used in the curing process, it is sometimes called contact-pressure molding. When pressure is applied during curing, the process is often named for the method of applying pressure, e.g., vacuum-bag molding or autoclave molding. A related process is  Sprayup molding. (Strong AB (2000) Plastics materials and processing. Prentice Hall, Columbus, OH; Whittington’s dictionary of plastics. Carley, James F (ed), Technomic, 1993)

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