Encyclopedic Dictionary of Polymers

2011 Edition
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\lāk\ n [F laque lac, fr. OP laca, fr. Arabic lakk] (1598) Special type of pigment consisting essentially of an organic soluble coloring mater combined more or less definitely with an inorganic base or carrier. It is characterized generally by a bright color and more or less pronounced translucency when made into an oil paint. Under this term are included two (or perhaps three) types of pigment: (a) the older original type composed of hydrate of alumina dyed with a solution of the natural organic color; (b) the more modern and far more extensive type made by precipitating from solution various coal-tar colors by means of a metallic salt, tannin, or other suitable reagent, upon a base or carrier either previously prepared or coincidently formed; and (c) a number combining both types in varying degree might be regarded as a third class.

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