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2011 Edition
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Kauri-Butanol Value

  • Jan W. Gooch
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Volume in ml at 25°C (77°F) of a solvent, corrected to a defined standard, required to produce a defined degree of turbidity when added to 20 g of a standard solution of kauri resin in normal butyl alcohol. For kauri-butanol values of 69 and over, the standard is toluene and has an assigned value of 105. For kauri-butanol values under 60, the standard is a blend of 75% n-heptane and 25% toluene and has an assigned value of 40. Abbreviation is KB Value. (Paint: Pigment, drying oils, polymers, resins, naval stores, cellulosics esters, and ink vehicles, vol 3. American Society for Testing and Material, 2001; Flick EW (1991) Industrial synthetic resins handbook. Williams Andrews/Noyes, New York).

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