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2011 Edition
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Bursting Strength

  • Jan W. Gooch
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nOf rigid plastic tubing, the internal liquid pressure required to cause rupture of a test specimen. Tubes with internal diameters between 3.2 and 152 mm (1/8–6 in.) may be tested and diameter and wall thickness must be reported. The term has much the same meaning for filament-wound pressure vessels. (2) The force required to rupture a fabric by distending it with a force applied at right angles to the plane of the fabric under specified condition. Bursting strength is a measure widely used for knit fabrics, nonwoven fabrics, and felts where the constructions do not lend themselves to tensile tests. The two basic types of bursting tests are the inflated diaphragm method and the ball-bust method. (Shah V (1998) Handbook of plastics testing technology. Wiley, New York) (3) Bursting strength of a material, such as plastic film, is the minimum force per unit area or pressure required to produce rupture. The pressure is applied with a ram or a diaphragm at a controlled rated to a...

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