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Brookfield Viscometer

  • Jan W. Gooch
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nThe Brookfield “Synchrolectric” viscometer is the most widely used instrument for measuring the viscosities of plastisols and other liquids, both Newtonian and nonNewtonian, (Goodwin JW, Goodwin J, Hughes RW (2000) Rheology for chemists. Royal Society of Chemistry, Cambridge). About a dozen models are available to accommodate subranges of viscosity in the overall range from 0.01 to 1000 Pa·s. It is portable and can be hand held. A synchronous motor provides 4 or 8 spindle speeds by shifting gears. Near the tip- of the spindle, and concentric with it, is a horizontal disk whose drag torque in the liquid is detected by a torsion spring; a pointer indicates viscosity. By taking readings at different rotational speeds, one can estimate the pseudoplasticity of the liquid. For accurate work, the spindle guard should be removed and the diameter of the vessel containing the liquid should be at least five times that of the disk. (Pierce PE (1969) Rheology of coatings. J Paint Tech., 41(533):...

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