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2011 Edition
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Blow Molding

  • Jan W. Gooch
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The process of forming hollow articles by expanding a hot plastic element against the internal surfaces of a mold is blow molding. In its most common form, the process comprises extruding a tube (parison) downward between the opened halves of a metal mold, closing the mold to pinch off and seal the parison at top and bottom, injecting air through a needle inserted through the parison wall, cooling the mass by contact with a chilled mold, opening the mold and removing the formed article. Improvements on this process have increased the number of products and their properties. (Strong AB (2000) Plastics materials and processing. Prentice Hall, Columbus; Ash, M, Ash I (1982–83) Encyclopedia of plastics polymers, and resins, vols. I–III, Chemical Publishing Co., New York; Pittance JC (ed) (1990) Engineering plastics and composites. SAM International, Materials Park; Carley JF (ed) (1993) Whittington’s dictionary of plastics. Technomic Publishing Co., Inc., USA)

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