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n \zan-thāt\ n (1831) A sodium salt of a dithiocarbonic acid ester, in particular the one formed in the viscose-rayon process by the reaction between sodium hydroxide cellulose and carbon disulfide and having the structure shown below, called cellulose xanthate or viscose, The viscose is subsequently precipitated, filtered, extruded as filaments into dilute sulfuric acid, washed, and dried to make viscose that be spun into RayonR fabric, and extruded thin sheets are called CellophaneR. (Kadolph SJJ, Langford AL (2001) Textiles. Pearson Education, New York; Ash M, Ash I (1982–1983) Encyclopedia of Plastics, Polymers, and Resins, Vols. I–III. Chemical Publishing, New York). Open image in new window

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