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Wire Gauge

  • Jan W. Gooch
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n (1833) (wire gage) (1) Any of several shorthand systems of consecutive numbers, each number relating inversely to a particular wire diameter. Steel producers in the U.S. use the Steel Wire Gauge, ranging from 7/0 (0000000), = 0.4900 in., to 0 = 0.3065 in., to 50 = 0.0044 in. In Britain, the British Standard Wire Gauge (Imperial Wire Gauge) has long been used, with diameters close to those of the Steel Wire Gauge. (This may be changing to metric.) Copper and aluminum wires, formerly given in Brown & Sharpe (B&S) wire gauge, are now specified in decimal-fractional inches. Contrarily, music- (piano-) wire sizes increasewith their gauge numbers. The Standard for Metric Practice, ASTM E 380, has strangely omitted this important area of measurement. Presumably, in SI, there are no “gauges”, and wire size are given in millimeters, as are screen sizes. (2) A metal plate perforated with graduated and labeled holes with which one may determine the size of a wire or drill bit by identifying...

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