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2011 Edition
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Wire Coating

  • Jan W. Gooch
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The application of a plastic, rubber, or enamel coating to a single- or multi-strand wire, or to a cable of many previously coated single wires. Most wire coating is done by extrusion from the melt, but some, such as magnet wire for electric motors, has been done by passing the wire through a solution of thermosetting resin, then evaporating the solvent and curing the resin in an oven. Lineal rates on extrusion-coating lines range from 0.5 m/s on a line over coating a large cable containing hundreds of wires to 30 m/s on a line coating hood-up wire. Over 500 Gg (0.55 × 106 tons) of leading thermoplastics were used to coat wire and cable in 1992.

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