Encyclopedic Dictionary of Polymers

2011 Edition
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\wórp\ [ME, fr. OE wearp; akin to OHGr warf warp, OE weorpan to throw, ON verpa] (before 12c) (1) A significant variation from the original, true, or plane surface. (2) In the textile industry, those threads of a cloth which are parallel to the selvage, i.e., running lengthwise in the loom. (3) To change shape spontaneously. This is seen particularly in flat surfaces such as sheet and sides of boxy shapes. Such changes are often traceable to creep caused by stresses generated during molding or forming, by uneven absorption of water or a solvent, by uneven heating, or, in fiber-reinforced thermosets, by unequal curing in thin and thick sections. (Tortora PG (ed) (1997) Fairchild's Dictionary of Textiles. Fairchild Books, New York)

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