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Beer’s Law

  • Jan W. Gooch
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np If two solutions of the same colored compound are made in the same solvent, one of which is, say, twice the concentration of the other, the absorption due to a given thickness of the first solution should be equal to that of twice the thickness of the second. Mathematically this may be expressed as l1c1 = l2c2 when the intensity of light passing through the two solutions is a constant and if the intensity and wavelength of light intensity and wavelength of light incident upon each solution are the same. See  Absorption Coefficient. (DeLevie R (1996) Principles of quantitative analysis, Mc-Graw-Hill Higher Education, New York; Willard HH, Merritt LL, Dean JA (1974) Instrumental methods of analysis, D Van Nostrand, Company, New York).

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