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Baumé (Bé)

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\bō- mā\ adj (1877) A floating hydrometer method of measuring density of a liquid. The scale for floating hydrometer methods used to measure the specific gravity of a liquid (suspension, etc.). The depth of immersion is a linear function of the inverse of the density, www.photonics.com/dictionary. The Baume’ scale is linear in inverse density. A dual transformation of specific gravity (S) for liquids devised by the French chemist Antoine Baumé for the graduation of hydrometers for the purpose of measuring percent salt (brine) in water; and, like Twaddell and API, becoming obsolete because they are empirical and have no scientific basis. Letting S equal the ratio of the density of the subject liquid at 15.6°C to that of water at the same temperature, the Baumé transformations are:
  • For liquids more dense than water, °Bé = 145 [1 − (1/S)]

  • and for liquids less dense than water, °Bé = (140/S) − 130.

The hydrometer is used for determining the specific gravities of liquids, engraved, not...

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