Encyclopedic Dictionary of Polymers

2011 Edition
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n [4rove] (1802) (1) A form of fibrous glass comprising from 8 to 120 single filaments or strands gathered together in a bundle. When the strands are twisted together, the term spun roving is used. Roving is used in continuous lengths for filament winding, chopped into short lengths for use in reinforced-plastic molding compounds and in sprayup, and woven into skeins or mats for use in laminates. See  Reinforcement. (2) In spun yarn production, an intermediate state between sliver and yarn. Roving is a condensed sliver that has been drafted, twisted, doubled, and redoubled. The product of the first roving operation is sometimes called slubbing. (3) the operation of producing roving (see 0). (4) In the manufacture of composites, continuous strands of parallel filaments.

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