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Rosin Standards

  • Jan W. Gooch
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n The Color Standards for the US Naval Stores Rosin Scale consists of color standards specified in ASTM D509. The US Naval Stores Rosin scale are in the form of colored glasses mounted in metal cubes for direct comparison with the rosin samples. Rosin darker in color than the standard for grade D or FF is graded B. The designation Opaque with the grade letters OP is used to describe rosin which, because of a turbid, cloudy, or nontransparent condition due to occluded moisture, excessive crystallization, or presence of foreign matter other than dirt cannot be accurately graded by comparison with any of the rosin grade standards. The recognized official standards are those developed and issued by the U.S. Department of Agriculture, or similar standards made of Lovibond glass (Lovibond, Salisburg, England, www.tintometer.com). Lovibond PFX195 Automatic Colorimeters are designed to automatically measure color tint. The most widely used method for assessing the color quality of rosins...

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