Encyclopedia of Behavioral Medicine

2013 Edition
| Editors: Marc D. Gellman, J. Rick Turner

Pulmonary Disorders, COPD: Psychosocial Aspects

  • Akihisa Mitani
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Patients with COPD often suffer from anxiety and depression. These psychological distresses cause low quality of life, social isolation, increased hospitalization rates, and might increase mortality. Treatments include pharmacotherapy, psychotherapy, and pulmonary rehabilitation.


Patients pulmonary disorders are more likely to be of lower self-esteem and downgrade the significance of life in their depression, and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) is no exception. However, in spite of the high prevalence of the disease, psychosocial aspects of COPD and other pulmonary diseases have not been fully investigated, compared to cancers or cardiovascular diseases (Hill & Geist, 2008; Hynninen & Breitve, 2005; Kaptein & Scharloo, 2008; Kaptein & Scharloo, 2009; Maurer & Rebbapragada, 2008; von Leupoldt & Dahme, 2007).

(COPD) is a disease characterized by airflow obstruction. The respiratory symptoms are dyspnea,...

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