Encyclopedia of Global Archaeology

2014 Edition
| Editors: Claire Smith

Taiwan: Archaeological Museums

  • Michael Ryan
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Brief Definition of the Topic

Taiwan has a vibrant museums sector which has seen recent capital developments of older museums and the creation of new ones, both site and regional museums, with strong archaeological and ethnographical departments and exhibitions. At the top of the hierarchy are the national museums in Taipei of which the National Palace Museum (NPM) (National Palace Museum n.d.) is the largest, most visited, and internationally best known. This museum has at its core the very substantial collection of antiquities and works of art from the Palace Museum in the Forbidden City in Beijing. The Palace became a museum in 1925 on the departure of the Puyi Emperor. Much of the collection was taken away by the Kuomintang authorities from 1931 for safekeeping in the face of the Japanese invasion and moved about China for two decades before approximately a quarter of the collections still in their control were taken to Taiwan during the evacuation of the mainland by forces and...

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