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Turkey: Archaeological Museums

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As archaeological material in Turkey is legally state property, archaeological museums have played a crucial role in state museum policies. In recent years, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism has been investing heavily in the establishment of museums associated with important archaeological sites. The construction program aims to present the excavation results using modern technology to enrich the visitor experience. New museums also engage in educational programs for their communities and include workshops and other facilities aimed at attracting children’s attention and enhancing the value of the museums in their respective regions.

Key Issues/Current Debates/Future Directions/Examples

Museums of Turkey

The first museum in Turkey was founded in 1846 by Fethi Ahmet Pasha at Hagia Eirene, which had previously been used as a military depot in Istanbul. The museum was later renamed Müze-i Hûmâyun (Imperial Museum), and Mr. Edward Goold, who had been teaching at Mekteb-i...
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