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2014 Edition
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Akrawi, Aysar

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Basic Biographical Information

Aysar Akrawi’s educational background is in history and political science, and she has undergone extensive training in senior management. Previous positions have included setting up and managing The Queen Noor College for Civil Aviation and introducing and implementing entrepreneurial projects for women in rural areas of Jordan.

Major Accomplishments

Aysar Akrawi has occupied the position of executive director of the Petra National Trust (PNT) since 1994. In this capacity, her responsibilities are diverse. As it is the aim of the Trust to advocate for the preservation of the cultural and natural heritage as well as the integration of the local communities in the decision-making process of the PAP and the Petra region, she is responsible for the planning, implementation, and supervision of the Trust’s projects; the local and international publications; and coordination with governments, other NGO’s, international donors, and international preservation...

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