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East Asia: Early Homo Fossil Records

  • Xinzhi WuEmail author
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Early Homo fossil records of East Asia are attributed to those within the Early Pleistocene, represented by the following specimens found in China only. Those are identified as Asian Homo erectus; thus, their physical characteristics and geocultural context are described below.

Key Issues/Current Debates/Examples


The human fossils were found in 1965 in brown clay of fluvial deposits between Shangnabang and Danawu Villages, Yuanmou County, Yunnan Province, in southwestern China. The fossils are represented by left and right upper median incisors. The incisors are large, indicative of a male individual. The teeth are moderately worn (Fig.  1a, b). The crown is rather thick and swollen. On the upper part of the lingual surface, there is a prominent basal tubercle. Three fingerlike processes diverge from the lower margin of this tubercle. The middle process is the thickest and longest of the three; it extends almost to the biting edge of the crown. Prominent ridges...
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