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Throckmorton, Peter

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Basic Biographical Information

Peter Throckmorton (1928–1990) played an enormous role in the creation of the field of nautical archaeology. Born in New York, he eventually rebelled against his privileged background, running away from boarding school in Colorado to seek adventure. He worked on various vessels in the Pacific, finally reaching Hawaii, where he learned to dive. After four years in the army, in Japan and Korea, he enrolled in the University of Hawaii and worked on a terrestrial archaeological excavation. Although he never graduated from college, he also studied at the Musée de l’Homme in Paris.

Major Accomplishments

Working as photojournalists, Throckmorton and Herb Greer covered the Algerian War dressed as rebels. In 1958, on returning overland to Europe from shooting a tiger-hunt story in India, he stopped in Bodrum, Turkey, to write about local sponge divers. Sailing and diving with Kemal Aras, he was shown ancient wrecks and was told about the most intriguing, which lay...

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