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Klejn, Leo

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Basic Biographical Information

Lev Samuilovich Klejn, known as Leo Klejn, is an internationally acclaimed Russian archaeologist. He was born in 1927 in Vitebsk, Belarus. Klejn studied philology at the Grodno Pedagogical Institute (1946–1947). He later moved to Leningrad State University where he studied archaeology under the supervision of Mikhail Artamonov and Russian philology and folklore under Vladimir Popp. Klejn remained inspired by semiotics, cognition and epistemological concerns, and Russian structuralism, which significantly contributed to the development of his intellectual profile. He graduated in archaeology in 1951. After working as a librarian and high school teacher and after postgraduate studies (1957–1960), he obtained a position of Assistant Professor of Archaeology in Leningrad State University in 1962. He defended his Ph.D. dissertation The Origin of the Donets Catacomb Culturein 1968. In 1976 he was promoted to the position of Associate Professor. In 1981, he...

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