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Akurgal, Ekrem

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Basic Biographical Information

Ekrem Akurgal was born on the family farm in the village of Haifa, near Tulkarem, Palestine, in 1911. At the age of two, his family returned to Turkey and he started his education at home. He graduated from Istanbul Males High School in 1932. As a requirement of the period of which the Turkish Republic was recently established, and due to new cultural and historical policies, he was sent to Germany as a scholarship student in 1932 and studied classical archaeology under Gerhart Rodenwaldt until 1940. In 1941 he was promoted to associate professor in Ankara University’s Faculty of Languages, History and Geography and in 1949 became professor and professor emeritus in 1957. Akurgal served as the dean of the faculty from 1958 to 1959.

Major Accomplishments

Akurgal founded an archaeology library in the faculty that contains nearly 6,000 books which are mostly published in foreign languages. This provides students and scholars with convenient access to an...

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