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2014 Edition
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El Miron Cave: Geography and Culture

  • Lawrence Guy Straus
  • Manuel R. González Morales
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El Mirón is a large cave that dominates a stretch of the upper Asón River valley at the eastern end of the province of Cantabria in northern Atlantic Spain, near the border of the Basque Country. Discovered at the same time in 1903 and by the same amateur archaeologists (Hermilio Alcalde del Río and Lorenzo Sierra) as the adjacent and stylistically identical cave art sites of Covalanas and La Haza, El Mirón is at the center of a major cluster of Upper Paleolithic art and living sites that also includes such loci as Venta LaPerra and other caves along the Carranza Gorge, El Horno, La Luz, and Cullalvera. The famous Magdelenian and Azilian site of El Valle, excavated by Sierra, H. Breuil, J. Bouyssonie, and H. Obermaier in 1909–1911, is about 5 km downstream. Despite its obvious potential, El Mirón was largely forgotten and was not systematically excavated until 1996, when the authors of this entry began research in the cave. The excavations have continued ever since,...

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