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École française de Rome

  • Stéphane Bourdin
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Basic Information

The École française de Rome, founded in 1873, is an offshoot of the École française d’Athènes (founded in 1846), which became fully independent in 1875. It is a research institution, located in Rome’s Palazzo Farnese, that devotes its work to history, archaeology, and the social sciences. The school is administered by a director (currently Professor Catherine Virlouvet) and three research supervisors, respectively in charge of Antiquity (currently Stéphane Bourdin), the Middle Ages (currently Stéphane Gioanni), and the modern and contemporary periods (currently François Dumasy). It hosts 18 members, doctoral or postdoctoral students, for a period of 3 years, as well as research associates and scholarship holders, for a fixed period, and has an archaeology laboratory on the grounds of the Crypta Balbiin Rome. The field of operation of the school includes Italy, the Maghreb, and the countries bordering the Adriatic Sea (including Croatia and Albania). Its research...

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Further Reading

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