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African Diaspora Archaeology Network (ADAN)

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Basic Information

The African Diaspora Archaeology Network (ADAN) consists of collaborating scholars, researchers, and interested parties with expertise in African diaspora studies, archaeology, material culture analysis, African histories, and studies of the many developments and changes over time in African diaspora communities. The term “diaspora” typically addresses the dispersion of people to new locations as a result of adverse and hostile circumstances in the areas from which they were abducted or departed. The ADAN (n.d.) describes its mission as connecting “an intellectual community that considers the historical processes of culture, economics, gender, power, and racialization operating within and upon African descendant” populations.

Major Impact

The ADAN publishes a quarterly, open-access newsletter through Internet distribution to thousands of readers worldwide. The network also presents extensive resources for community members and researchers through its Internet site...

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