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2014 Edition
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Keel, Bennie C.

  • Michele C. Aubry
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Basic Biographical Information

Bennie Carleton Keel is an American archaeologist and government official. He grew up in Panama City, in Florida and graduated from Bay County High School in 1952. He completed one year of college before enlisting in the US Army (1954–1957) and serving as a military policeman with the 11th Airborne Division at Fort Campbell, Kentucky. After military service, he completed undergraduate studies in anthropology and sociology at Florida State University where he received B.S. (1960) and M.S. (1965) degrees. He undertook graduate studies in anthropology and quaternary studies at Washington State University in Pullman where he received a Ph.D. (1972).

Early in his career, Bennie Keel worked on several government-sponsored archaeological projects including the Weiss Reservoir in Alabama, the Town Creek Indian Mound in North Carolina, and the Marmes Rockshelter in Washington. He was the archaeologist at the Research Laboratories of Anthropology at the University...

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Further Reading

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