Encyclopedia of Global Archaeology

2014 Edition
| Editors: Claire Smith

Environmental Assessment in Cultural Heritage Management

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Brief Definition of the Topic

An environmental assessment (EA) is an important, though preliminary, part of the planning process for proposed developments that may directly or indirectly affect the environment. In application, the “environment” of a project area is broadly defined. It includes not only natural resources, such as plant and animal species native to the area of potential effect, but also the immediate and long-term social and economic consequences that a proposed undertaking may have upon people living in or near the development zone. Moreover, the likely impacts on any significant archaeological and historic architectural resources or cultural landscapes that might be present in the project area also will be taken into account. Consequently, an EA is a critical element in conducting responsible cultural heritage management in the public interest.

Evaluations of this kind began to be used some 40 years ago and were first formalized in the United States under the National...

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