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2012 Edition
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Terman, Lewis M.

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Terman’s career spanned the development of academic psychology, beginning in the late nineteenth century and continuing under his leadership for many years. His leadership was crucial, though not without controversy, in the standardization of intelligence and achievement testing. Terman’s longitudinal study of a cohort of individuals is well known for providing intimate understanding of the life course of the intellectually gifted.

Basic Biography

Lewis Terman was born the 12th of 14 children on January 15, 1877, in rural Johnson County, Indiana, to James and Martha Cutsinger Terman. His heritage was German, French, Scotch-Irish, and Welsh. There was no family history of college education and no one in previous generations had achieved prominence. Nonetheless, his family’s farm was relatively prosperous. Though Lewis and his siblings engaged in physical labor, their home contained a large library. Terman was an avid reader from an early age.

Terman’s family life included tragedy, not...

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