Encyclopedia of Global Justice

2011 Edition
| Editors: Deen K. Chatterjee

Global Public Goods

  • Fred E. Foldvary
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DOI: https://doi.org/10.1007/978-1-4020-9160-5_283

The public goods that affect the whole world are “global public goods.” They are global not only across space but also through time, as they affect future generations. Global justice concerns the ethics of the selection, financing, distribution of global public goods, and the ethics requires an understanding of the economic costs and benefits of providing public goods.

The increasingly global economy has transformed previously local services such as finance into goods with a global impact. The value of the US dollar, for example, is a global public good. With modern communications and the Internet, ideas are increasingly global public goods as they spread quickly worldwide. The Internet itself is a global public good.

A public good is a thing that people can use at the same time without diminishing its use by others. These are also called “collective goods,” including services and resources. Rivalry occurs when one person’s use of a good reduces that of another; hence a public good is...

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