Encyclopedia of Global Justice

2011 Edition
| Editors: Deen K. Chatterjee

Global Taxation

  • Gillian Brock
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A number of proposals have been made for global taxes and reforms to our international taxation arrangements, and some implementation progress has already been achieved. The first section covers some of these measures. The second section outlines considerations in favor of some further reforms to global taxation arrangements.

Global Taxes: Some Possibilities

The same kinds of arguments that are used at the domestic level to fund various public goods or redistribution to address chronic poverty can be deployed at the global level. For instance, because we all need to have an environment that is reasonably life-sustaining, we must be prepared to pay our share of the costs associated with ensuring this. Carbon taxes are one way of averting the kind of environmental damage that could lead to catastrophic climate change.

The Carbon Tax

A Carbon Tax would tax energy sources that emit carbon dioxide. Current fossil fuel use patterns and the release of greenhouse gases (such as carbon dioxide...

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