Encyclopedia of the World's Coastal Landforms

2010 Edition
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Gloucestershire, Somerset and North Devon

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The coast of Gloucestershire, Somerset and North Devon begins where the Severn estuary runs beside the Vale of Belvoir, a lowland of Keuper Marl. The Jurassic formations of the Cotswolds do not extend to the coast, but there are minor outcrops of Trias at Aust. The Carboniferous Limestone of the Bristol district reaches the seaboard between Portishead and Clevedon (with some Upper Devonian), and again in the westward promontories north and south of Weston-super-mare. The Somerset Levels form a lowland behind Bridgwater Bay, and to the west the Lower Lias outcrops in low cliffs between Lilstock and Blue Anchor Point. Keuper Marl occupies the Minehead lowland and the valley opening to Porlock, and the Devonian rocks on the northern limb of the mid-Devon syncline form the steep coast at Selworthy Beacon and along the wnorthern slopes of Exmoor between Porlock and Ilfracombe. The Devonian rocks strike ESE–WNW and the coast cuts successively across Lower and Middle Devonian formations as...


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