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Mulsant, Etienne

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Etienne Mulsant was born at Mornant, France, on March 2, 1797. He received his education at colleges in Belley, Roanne, and Tournon. He worked as a curator of the city library in Lyon, and as a professor of natural history at the Lyceum in Lyon, France. He worked at these two posts his entire life, and became a noted coleopterist who is remembered as one of the world’s greatest authorities on Coccinellidae. In addition to a monograph on Coccinellidae (in 1866 and 1867), a most important publication was “The natural history of Coleoptera of France” published in 37 parts from 1839 to 1884. His work was meticulous, and this became a standard reference for many years. His publication list totals nearly 250 items. He died at Lyon, France, on November 4, 1880.


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