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2008 Edition
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Morse, Albert Pitts

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Albert Morse was born at Sherborn, Massa chusetts, USA, on February 10, 1863. His formal education was limited because he was needed to assist with the family’s farming operation. He abandoned farming at the age of 23, however, and eventually accepted a position as a zoology assistant at Wellesley College. He served as curator or similar scientific capacity at several institutions, including the Peabody Museum and Carnegie Institution. He also served as a teacher of entomology and zoology. Despite his lack of formal education, Morse became a leading authority on New England Orthoptera, principally Acrididae. He was an associate of S.H. Scudder, also an acridologist. Morse traveled widely and also published on other insect groups, particularly Odonata. Noteworthy publications authored by Morse include “Researches on North American Acrididae” and “Manual of the Orthoptera of New England.” He died April 29, 1936.


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