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2008 Edition
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Mite Pests of Crops in Asia

  • Chyi-Chen Ho
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DOI: https://doi.org/10.1007/978-1-4020-6359-6_4635

Acarine pests of agricultural crops include mites in the families Tetranychidae, Tenuipalpidae, Tarsonemidae, Eriophyidae, and Acaridae. Members of all these families are reported to damage various crops in Asia. Among the damaging species are Amphitetranychus viennensis, Eotetranychus cendanai, Eo. kankitus, Eotetranychus pruni, Eotetranychus sexmaculatus, Eutetranychus africanus, Eu. orientalis, Oligonychus coffeae, O. litchii, O. mangiferus, Panonychus citri, P. ulmi, Petrobia latens, Tetranychus cinnabarinus, T. fijiensis, T. hydrangeae, T. kanzawai, T. macfarlanei, T. piercei, T. truncatus, T. urticae (Tetranychidae); Brevipalpus californicus, B. obovatus, B. phoenicis, Dolichotetranychus floridanus, Larvacarus transitans, Tenuipalpus pacificus, Raoiella indica (Tenuipalpidae); Phytonemus pallidus, Polyphagotarsonemus latus, Steneotarsonemus bancrofti, S. spinki (Tarsonemidae); Acaphylla theae, Acaspina litchii, Aceria cajani, A. doctersi, A. eriobotrya, A. litchi, A. mangiferae, A...

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